AICP 2008 Titles

Behind the scenes by Linas Jodwalis.

I was invited by Thornberg & Forester to be the 3d lead and technical director for the task of branding of the 2008 AICP show. Along with the title sequence, I designed these two prints that were the front and back inside covers to the hard cover books that were handed out at the AICP award show. Check out the final AICP 2008 Title Sequence by clicking the image below. Thanks again to Justin Meredith, Scott Matz, Liz Kiehner, Kimberly Abels, Nick Johnnides, Bradley McLaughlin and Miah Moorehead.

Directed by: Justin Meredith, Scott Matz

3D lead/Technical director: Linas Jodwalis

Animators: Nick Johnnides, Bradley McLaughlin

Compositing by: Miah Moorehead

Produced by: Kimberly Abels

Executive Producer: Liz Kiehner

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