After graduating from the Gnomon School of Visual Effects, I did several odd FX jobs trying to get in anywhere I could. I met a very talented photographer named Michael Elins, and before I knew it I had collaborated on a cover for Time Magazine and a 2nd for Newsweek. The wheels were beginning to roll. After months of sending out reels and countless interviews, I finally finagled my way into a freelance gig at a small startup studio called Motion Theory in Venice Beach, California. I quickly learned that the production world was much different than school, and I quickly learned what people meant by sink or swim. Luckily, I began swimming faster than I ever expected and soon I was a permanent fixture at the studio. Within my two and a half years with Motion Theory the studio took off and I was working with dozens of clients and artists including REM, HP, Reebok, Beck, SciFi Channel, Velvet Revolver and many more. I was also fortunate enough to work with and learn from such amazing artists as Matthew Cullen, John Clark, Mark Kudsi and many others.

Before I knew it I was VFX supervising shoots and leading full music video productions. Although I was living the dream in southern California, I was desperately missing life in a big city. In July of 2005 I accepted a position in Chicago as the director of 3D at Digital Kitchen, and the next chapter of my life began.

Once again I found myself surrounded by another group of absolute talent. My clients at DK included Coke, Target, PBS, McDonald's and many more. In 2008 I decided it was time for a change, and began my freelance career working with companies such as Thornberg & Forester, MK12, Wicked Pixels, Radar, Nike and Vitamin Pictures. In the spring of 2010 I began permalancing at Vitamin, and later that year accepted a permanent position as an Art Director and head of 3D.

After two and a half years, and a very heavy heart, I moved on to Method Studios, as the Chicago's office VFX Supervisor. I met many great people, and learned countless valuable lessons while sitting in that chair.

As of 2014, I'm an idependent contractor looking for the next big adventure.

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