Beck Girl

Beck behind the scenes courtesy of MTh.

Beck finds himself in a world of MAD magazine fold-ins that would make even Al Jaffee smile. The Kuleshov is in full effect!

Artist: Beck

Label: Interscope Records

Video Commissioner: Kathy Angstadt

Production Company: Motion Theory

Director: Motion Theory

Executive Producer: Javier Jimenez

Producer: Scott Gemmell

DP: David Morrison

Art Director: Matthew Holt

Editor: Jeff Consiglio (Motion Theory)

Colorist: Clark Mueller, R!ot

Post Production: Motion Theory

Creative Directors: Mathew Cullen; Grady Hall

Artists: Martha Rich; Kevin Christie ; Ethan Marak; Gary Garay

Visual Effects Supervisor: Vi Nguyen

Asst. Visual Effects Supervisor: Gabriel Dunne

Compositing: Phil Pham, Matt Motal, Mike Slane

Designers/Animators: Kirk Shintani, Jesse Franklin, Christopher Janney, Linas Jodwalis, Christopher Leone, Mark Lai, Juston Hsu

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