Nike Mobius

Developmental style frames by Ryan Rothermel.

I teamed with director Ryan Rothermel to create this surreal promotional spot for the new Nike Shox +M1. We recruited Emmy Award winning editor, Josh Bodnar to help tell the story by adding his unique "slice and dice" style to the project. To further enhance the concept we looked overseas for the dark and glitchy audio stylings of German composer, Ben Boysen. All the pieces finally fell into place with the compositing skills of Frank Donnangelo and a few late nights. The finished piece has a dark wave disco feeling that we think really stands out from the crowd.

Client: NIKE

Director: Ryan Rothermel

3D Director: Linas Jodwalis

Designer: Ryan Rothermel and Linas Jodwalis

3D Shoe Model: Sketchbook Inc.

Animation and Compositing: Linas Jodwalis, Frank Donnangelo and Matt Crnich

Editorial: Josh Bodnar

Music and Sound Design: Ben Boysen

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