AICP 2008 Titles

Behind the scenes by Linas Jodwalis.

While at Vitamin Pictures, we decided to make a short film. This is the result of that grueling effort. It got a pretty good response, and we won some awards. Check out the full film HERE

Director: Danny Delpurgatorio

Written by: Danny Delpurgatorio, Rob Foster

Director of Photography: Drew Wehde

VFX Supervisor: Linas Jodwalis

Art Director: Rob Foster

Designer: Matthew Beharry, Tony Legato

Animators: Michael Siegel

Compositors: Danny Delpurgatorio, Rob Foster, Matt Beharry, Linas Jodwalis

Color Correction: Fred Keller

Editor: Matt Egan

Music and Sound Design: Todd Beyer

Producer: Larissa Shames

Executive Producer: Reid Brody

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