StarWars Dual Saber

Behind the scenes by Linas Jodwalis.

Holy Ship! When you're stuck on an enemy ship, two lightsabers are better than one. Luckily that's exactly what you have in Hasbro's new Spinning Electronic Lightsaber. Feel the Force.

Studio: Vitamin

Creative Director: Danny DelPurgatorio

3D Lead: Linas Jodwalis

3D Assist: Katrina Nelken

Painters: Tony Legato, Matt Beharry, Derek Hahn, Danny DelPurgatorio, Rob Foster

Compositing: Matt Beharry, Rob Foster, Danny DelPurgatorio, Linas Jodwalis

Color Correction: Fred Keller

Executive Producer: Mary O'gara

Senior Producer: Larissa Shames

Agency Producer: Don Seay

Uproar! Senior Art Director: Everett Guess

Uproar! Creative Director: Dale Alexander

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