StarWars The Duel

Behind the scenes by Linas Jodwalis.

A long time ago (February) in a galaxy far far away (Chicago), Vitamin used the force to unleash a bold new lightsaber spot for Hasbro. Obi-Wan Kenobi battles Darth Vader in this action-packed epic.

Studio: Vitamin

Director: Danny DelPurgatorio

VFX Supervisor: Linas Jodwalis

Creative Director: Danny DelPurgatorio

3D Lead: Linas Jodwalis

3D Assist: Chris Green

Matte Painters: Dave Pasciuto, Tony Legato

Compositing: Matt Beharry, Rob Foster, Danny DelPurgatorio, Linas Jodwalis

Color Correction: Fred Keller

Senior Producer: Larissa Shames

Agency Producer: Don Seay

Uproar! Senior Art Director: Everett Guess

Uproar! Creative Director: Dale Alexander

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