Velvet Revolver

Behind the scenes by Linas Jodwalis, conceptual art by Rock'n Jellybean.

An oldie, but a goodie! Take a ride around the world with Slash and the boys!

Production Company: Motion Theory

Director: Motion Theory

Director of Photography: Claudio Miranda

Executive Producer: Javier Jimenez

Creative Director: Mathew Cullen, Grady Hall

Visual Effects Supervisor: Linas Jodwalis and John Clark

Designers/Animators: Mathew Cullen, Kaan Atilla, Tom Bruno, Earl Burnley, Don Campbell, John Clark, Jesus de Francisco, Jesse Franklin, Juston Hsu, Christopher Janney, Linas Jodwalis, Mark Kudsi, Mark Lai, Chris Leone, Vi Nguyen, Irene Park, Robyn Resella, Kirk Shintani, Mike Slane, Shihlin Wu

Pre-Visualization Development: Chris Leone

Post Production Coordinator: James Taylor

Illustrator Company: Rockin' Jellybean Graphics

Illustrator: Jellybean

Copyright © Linas Jodwalis 2011. All rights reserved. founded and operated by Linas Jodwalis. Unauthorized use and reproduction is prohibited.