MI6 2009 Titles

Storyboards by T&F, 3D design by Linas Jodwalis.

I was approached by Thornberg & Forester to create this insanely energy fueled spot for the opening sequence of the 2009 MI6 conference. This daunting task would include environmental design, character animation, a bad-ass Audi R8 and everything in between. Justin Meredith and the team at T&F came up with the concept, design and directed the piece, while I personally handled all the 3D here in Chicago. Together we brought on Steve Talkowski in NY for character modeling, and the character animation came from Jesse Franklin and Ruel Smith at Bluefish FX, in LA. For editorial we teamed up with my boy, Josh Bodnar to slice and dice this thing with his signature style.

Client: MI6

Studio: Thornberg & Forester

Director: Justin Meredith

Creative Directors: Justin Meredith, Scott Matz

Executive Producer: Elizabeth Kiehner

Director of 3D: Linas Jodwalis

Character Modeler/Design: Steve Talkowski

Character Animator: Jesse Franklin

Designer: Justin Meredith

Storyboard Artist: Brian Wilcox

Editorial: Josh Bodnar

Nuke Compositor: Miah Morehead

Producers: Kimberly Abels, Pamela Rykowski

Sound Design: Dave Robertson @ Nylon Studios

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