Reebok Warpshear

Another winner from my time at Motion Theory. This was a super fun spot to work on, bringing a city to life in a very surreal manner.

Design/Visual Effects Company: Motion Theory

3Creative Directors: Mathew Cullen, Grady Hall

Art Director/Senior Designer: Mark Kudsi

Designers/Animators: Linas Jodwalis, Paulo de Almada, Mathew Cullen, Chris Clyne, Ron Delizo, Jesse Franklin, Greg Gunne, Chad Howitt, Christopher Janney, Nick Losq, Mark Kudsi, Mark Kulakoff, Mark Lai, Paul Lee, Chris Leone, Matt Motal, Vi Nguyen, Robyn Resella, Kirk Shintani, Mike Slane

Editor: Mark Hoffman

Assistant Editor: Brad Watanabe

Pre-Visualization Development: Chris Leone

Post-Production Coordinator: James Taylor

Music Company: Duotone

Executive Producer: Hunter Murtaugh

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