Target Imagines

Storyboards by Linas Jodwalis.

This spot was created at Digital Kitchen for Target, to be displayed on large moving HD monitors at Victory Park in Dallas, Texas. "Art Imagines" features a live action dancer who builds a world of immense detail with every movement of his body. Above you can see how these frames would look when displayed on location.

CD: Anthony Vitagliano

Directors: Anthony Vitagliano, Linas Jodwalis

Director of 3D: Linas Jodwalis

Designers: Linas Jodwalis, Shangyu Yin

Compositor: Anthony Vitagliano

3D: Linas Jodwalis, Seth Hall

Editor: Andrew Maggio

Music: Modern Music

Producer: Colin Davis

EP: Kent Smith

Copyright © Linas Jodwalis 2011. All rights reserved. founded and operated by Linas Jodwalis. Unauthorized use and reproduction is prohibited.